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Tiki Cheers

Aloha Ohana!

The Holidays Can Be Crazy, 

Don't Forget To Have Fun!

Let Us Be Your Fun Spot! 

We are open daily from 

2 pm to 2 am

{November 27th til December 31st}

*We Will Be Closed For Christmas!

However, We Will Have A Special New Year's Eve Party, To Make Up For It! 

 DJ Tea & DJ Lava Lamp Host The Holiday Festivities!

The Bar Tender and The Kitschy Kitchenette Have Planned A Special Holiday Drink And Dinner Menu Just For You! 

{Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Options, Just Ask!}

There Is Live Music Nightly! {See Our List Of Special Guests} 

The Limbo & The Floor Is Lava Competitions Are Back! More Fun With Karaoke & Madlib Sing-A-Longs! 

We Also Have A New Photo Booth With Props, New Items In The Gift Shop, Cheap Leis, and an Umbrella In Every Drink! Guaranteed More Fun Than Humans Should Be Allowed To Have. {We can't list it all here, so keep scrolling!}


There Is A Rogue Fruitcake Snatching Dino On The Loose!

When You Find TeaZilla, Click On Her For A Fun Holiday Mix!

Thank You, 

Peace, Love, And Cosmic Bunnies, 

DJ Tea & DJ Lava Lamp!

Christmas Party

Hula Lessons On Tuesdays & Thursdays!


Learn To Hula! Tuesdays & Thursdays {from 5 - 6pm}

See DJ Tea & DJ Lava Lamp to Sign Up! 

The Old Favorites Are Back This Holiday Season!

*Karaoke On Wednesdays! 

*MadLib Sing-A-Longs {Like A Regular Sing-A-Long; But Also Like Madlibs} On Fridays & Sundays!

{Ask Your Sever For A Madlib Song}

*The Floor Is Lava Competition & The Limbo Competition! {Sundays}

*Photo Booth With New Props!

*Santa Clause Is Coming {This One Isn't Creepy}

*New Board Games In The Garden Room & New Items For Sale In The Gift Shop

*There Is Always A Party On The Dance Floor! {Gotta Get Up To Get Down!}

*The Wind Up Toy Races Are Back. Win A Purple Tiki Scratch-Off for Discounts & Free Nibbles!

{Ask Your Server For Details}  

*Make Some Art For Our Gallery! We Ask New Coloring Pages {Ask Your Server For Supplies}


Can't Join Us?

 You Can Still Listen To The Purple Tiki Lounge Playlist At Home. 

Just Click The Purple Tiki!  Can You Dig It?

 Holiday Nibbles & Drinks!
{Gluten-Free & Allergen Friendly Options Available}


*The Buffalo Platter {Boneless Wings & Loaded Fries} 

*Wisconsin Meats And Cheese Board

*Fajita Pizza

*Italian Beef Basket {With Loaded Fries}

*Curry Of The Day/ Soup Of The Day / Stew Of The Day / Chili

*Gumbo / Etouffette 

*Shepard's Pie

*Big Ass Tray Of Nachos

*Little Sausages In BBQ Sauce With Pineapple

The Dips

*Veggies & Dip *Spinach Dip & Hawaiian Bread *French Onion & Fresh Chips

*Salsa & Corn Chips {Grain Free Chips Available}

Something Sweet!

*Cake Of The Day! {Always Gluten-Free}

HoliDay Drink Specials 

*EggNog *Brandy Alexanders *White Russian's *Purple People Eater  

*Purple Mule {Plus We Have Our Regular Tiki Lounge Bar Menu}

{Click The Fruitcake For Some Tasty Audio Nuggets!}

{Need A Holiday Playlist? Just Click On The Tree!}


*Beachfront Vinny {House Band & Comedian}

*DJ Lava Lamp & DJ Tea Spin Nightly & Host A Fun Party

*80's Dance Parties & Lazy Lounge Days

 * Guest DJs *Alternative Wednesdays *Indie Bands *Audities {Novelty & Experimental}

FeaturingTiki & Surf Favorites

*Anything But Surf  *Surfrajettes 

*Intoxicats *Doktor Zoil *Kava Kon *Tikiyaki Orchestra 

* The Hula Girls & More


Catch TeaZilla, She's Running Away With My Tea!

Click To  Listen To A Special All Indie Holiday Show!


Holiday Hours! {November 27-New Years Eve}

Monday 2 pm -2 am

Tuesday 2 pm-2 am

Wednesday 2 pm-2 am

Thursday 2 pm-2 am

Friday 2 pm-2 am

Saturday 2 pm-2 am

Sunday 2 pm-2 am

*Closed For Christmas {December 25th}

Special New Year's Eve Hours!


Stay As Late As You Want, You Can Always Hit The Snooze!

It's A Lifestyle Blog For Those Who Want To Create More Magic In Their Life. It's About Facing Life's Challenges With Positivity And An Open Mind. 

Creating The Life You Want, Even If It Seems Out Of Reach. 

We Share Recipes, Stories, Fun Playlists, And Art, As Well As The Stories Behind Them. {And Much More}

 We created The Purple Tiki as a fun place to escape when we had nowhere else to go. 


 It's A Magical Place Full Of Positive Vibes Where Anything Is Possible. 

The Purple Tiki Is Our Happy Place, and We Hope It Will Become One Of Yours As Well.

Click On The Planet To Find Out More!  

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